lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

Unit 1: Nutrition I - 6th Graders #CLIL #AICLE

Students from 6thA grade have done a great job about digestive and respiratory system.
They create a poster with the different parts of theses systems and labelled them in English and Spanish.

Here you are some of these great projects ^_^

For further information clic on the links below:

6 comentarios:

Ana García Naveros dijo...

Enhorabuena a estos nenes y su seño Lucía.
Me ha encantado vuestra propuesta. ¿Tengo vuestro permiso para ponerla en práctica con mis alumn@s?
Well done!!

Yolanda Egea dijo...

Cool! So a great project! I am quite sure that your students got a lot of fun and they learnt about nutrition.

Lucía Úbeda Trujillo dijo...

Por supuesto!! ^_^ Si algo bueno tienen las tecnologías es la facilidad con la que podemos compartir ideas.

Esperamos vuestros trabajos!!

Lucía Úbeda Trujillo dijo...

Thank you so much!
We are really proud of the way we learn in the classroom ^_^

Yolanda Egea dijo...

That's right. That's what we need INNOVATION and a new way of teaching, other concepts of learning different from textbooks and to promote happyness in the class

Nabihah dijo...

Seño Lucia, keep being cool! I love this idea!!!!