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Holidays - Halloween and Thanksgiving

Hi everyone! What a busy week it´s been! I´ve had lots of fun this week doing lots of different things; in 1st grade we learned about the parts of the face and drew some scary monsters! In 3rd grade we were learning about the Earth - we listened to a really cool song about our planet and tried to pick out the important vocabulary. Also in 5th grade we finished off the topic of the nervous system and got prepared for a test on the unit - good luck to fifth grade on their tests!

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Today I´m going to talk a bit about some different holidays that will soon be celebrated in the English-speaking world. Of course we have Halloween coming up at the end of the month! I´m sure everyone is very excited! Are you all going trick-or-treating? In Scotland, we sometimes call trick-or-treating: guising. The word guising sounds a bit like ´disguise´, which is what you do when you dress up in scary costumes - you disguise yourself!

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Another important holiday that is celebrated is Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in the USA and Canada. Thanksgiving is literally a day of giving thanks - easy to remember! Traditionally it is a celebration of a successful harvest. People spend the day with their friends and family.

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They also eat lots of tasty food; turkey is the traditional meal for Thanksgiving, and it is normally eaten with sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. After eating their meal (normally eaten in the middle of the afternoon!) the whole family normally spend time together and discuss what they are thankful for.

What about you? What are you thankful for?

Some games to have fun!:



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