jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

About Me

Hello everyone at CEIP San Miguel!

My first week here has flown by! I am so excited to be working in such a fantastic school. All of the teachers have been very friendly and welcoming and the children are fantastic!

This week I have been teaching the children a bit about me so that they can get to know me better. All of the classes have been very attentive and remembered lots from my presentation; some of them even asked some questions of their own. I also showed the children some photos of a pipe band. A pipe band is a group of people who play the bagpipes and wear a Scottish kilt. Pipe bands are a traditional part of Scotland and the children seemed interested to learn about this. In some classes I let them listen to a pipe band - not everyone enjoyed the sound of the bagpipes!

My Welcome Presentation

Here is a video of some traditional pipe bands in a village in Scotland:

The warm welcome that I have received here at CEIP San Miguel has made me feel very lucky and very excited to continue working with the staff and students for the rest of this school year. I cannot wait to begin science lessons and I hope the staff and students enjoy lessons with me and learn a lot.


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Yolanda Egea dijo...

Welcome Karen, you will have a great experience at school. Kids and all the community in Armilla will enjoy this school year with you.