viernes, 10 de junio de 2016


3rd graders students know that machines make people’s lives easier. This time, they had a big challenge in our science classes because they have been working during three weeks about this topic “machines”.
The main ideas were to search, to collaborate in their common project, to prepare the planning and the machine and to explain orally all their wonderful work during this unit.
The process was focus on active methodology and CLIL. Children had to build their own knowledge and to be success in this challenge. Let’s summarize the process:

1st: A brainstorming. They shared and discussed with their colleagues what they knew about machines.
2nd: The searching of information in the class with computers by pairs. The idea was that they had to find their perfect machine… something easy to do and with simple materials. This way, dialogue and communication skills were the key for their own progress. Later they could use some digital links to learn more about the unit.

3rd: The collaborative charts. They had them in Edmodo and in a Google Drive format. This chart had different boxes with relevant information to complete.
4th: The building of the machine by pairs.
5th: The draft of the explanation of the machine. They couldn't forget the title, the materials they used when doing it, the actions they had to do during the process and the usefulness of the machine.
6th: The creation of the cards for the oral exposition.
7th: The oral presentation in English. They had to practice pronunciation, intonation and good speech and gestures, such as looking to the audience. We visited the classrooms of 2nd and 4th graders.
8th: Fun during the classes. Happiness, motivation and good mood were our three best ideas to keep on going with our work each day.

Here you are the results!
Enjoy and remember that SCIENCE IS FUN!

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