martes, 23 de junio de 2015

6th grade students' last words at the graduation prom

This year has been fantastic! In this grade, an important part of our life is closed.
It has been full of surprises:
We had new classmates, like Claudia, Damian or Pablo.
We also had to say goodbye to some other friends.
We had done a lot of projects for our teachers in Maths, Science, English or Music.
On Mondays some children went to the street market to sell our handcrafts.
We visited the Albaizin and the Alhambra. It was great!
But the best of all was the prom trip. We will never forget this experience.

Now we start a new time in our lives. We go to secondary school.

We want to say thank you to all of you, teachers and families, just to be there, to be here, as a part of our education. You always will be in our hearts.

So let’s not say bye bye, just a 'see you'.

Letter by 6th grade students at San Miguel school (2015-2016)

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maria puerta guerrero dijo...

You are a great teacher.Thank you.

Nabihah dijo...

Good Luck 6th Grade on your future travels! I wish you a fantastic journey ahead, you are a fantastic class. Be good, work hard! :)