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Second Blog Post - Holidays, Space, and Geography

Second Blog Post - Holidays, Space, and Geography

I´ve now been teaching at C.E.I.P San Miguel for 4 months! I´m starting to really like my classes and I can honestly say that I´m very impressed with the kids level of english which is constantly improving. Since my last blog post (2 months ago) I have helped teach a huge range of topics, ranging from Space and Geography to Economics and Healthy Diets. In this blog post I´m going to highlight some of the projects that I helped create and teach.

Layers of the Atmosphere - with Class 4A and 4B.

At the moment we are studying the layers of the atmosphere in classes 4A/B. As part of this unit we put together a small flipbook which the children seemed to really love making. Attached below is an exmaple of one of the completed flipbooks, which contained alot of very important information and diagrams.

The Solar Sytstem - With class 5A and 5B

With class 5A/B I had the chance to help out and add my own input with the Solar System topic. This topìc was great to teach and was very practical. The children got involved with creating some great looking posters and models. Attahced below is some photos I took from some of the space models and posters which are proudly presented on the top floor. I helped mainly with the order of the planets poster which again I have attached below as the picture on the right..

The Earths Movement - With class 3A and 3B

Again this is a recently finished topic which was very interesting to teach. We created a poster which described the types of movements which the earth has, Rotating and Revolving. This unit was very fun and engaging to teach. Below is an example of one of the posters which was created! As part of this unit the children also learned about the different seas and oceans around the world as well as the different continents.

The Economy - With class 6A 6B and 6C

With class 6A 6B and 6C we have been working on the economy in the last couple of weeks. The children have been very engaging when I have asked them questions in english on the topic and eager to learn. This was demonstrated in the recent Kahoot test that we did which involved 14 questions on the economy, 7 in Spanish and 7 in English. The children got on really well with this with some students even scoring 100%! I have attached the link for the Kahoot below where you can see the questions that were asked.

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