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Danny, blog post 1

My name is Danny and I´m the new English language assistant at C.E.I.P San Miguel in the town of Armilla. This is now my third week of teaching and this is the first of hopefully many more blog posts describing my experience teaching at Colegio San Miguel!

I arrived in Granada on the 13th of September asnd quickly found a flat to rent in the centre of Granada in Calle San Anton. It took me a couple of weeks to adjust to the warm spanish weather as I´m used to cold rainy Scotland. In my first two weeks in Granada I made lots of new friends, ate alot of free tapas and discovered whats Granada/Armilla had to offer. One thing I still need to do is visit the Alhambra but Yolanda has promised me tickets sometime this yeat!

I started school at the end of the month in Armilla. My first week was really great. All the teachers were really welcoming and I had a fun week introducing myself to the children. I prepared a presentation about me and where I come from which seemed to go down well with the children! Ive attached the presentation below. They seemed intrested in Scotland, where it was in the world and what it is famous for. After each presentation I played a game to see how much they were listening by asking them questions about my presentation. To my suprise they turned about to be extremely good listeners answering almost all of the questions correctly! I also got them to draw a Scottish flag which they seemed to love doing constantly trying to show off their flags!

In week´s two and three I started actually teaching science in english. I was very impressed with the level of english the children had and the type of material they were learning. I have to admit I think I have leanred as much as the children about the human body in my first few weeks! I have been giving lessons on a whole range of topics, ranging from the solar system to types of landscapes to red/white blood cells. This week I´m teaching alot about the human body and living things. I look forward to posting on here regularly and keeping you updated on my time at C.E.I.P San Miguel!

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Yolanda Egea dijo...

Welcome Danny! Everybody is really glad to have you here! We really like the way to work in the classes. We have fun and learn English!