miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

Let me tell you! This is me!

Hello everyone!
Some of you already know me. I´m Aurora, the new trainee teacher from the University of Granada, I work  in 3rd grade.
As my mate Adela, I also want to thank the opportunity of being here, at San Miguel School. The days I´ve spent  have been full new ideas about  teaching and learning. It is an enriching experience
and I´m sure there is still a lot to come.
In the next presentation you can find some information about me :)
See you soon!

3 comentarios:

Yolanda Egea dijo...

So many things in common: travelling, cooking... I love storybird stories. Kids can create great stories with this tool. Cool introduction!

Ana García Naveros dijo...

Welcome to our school!! I hope you have a good experience!!

Cristóbal Lozano dijo...

Good luck, Aurora! I'm sure your students are going to enjoy your classes!