viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Busy Bees in San Miguel!

Hello everyone!

How have you all been? Did you have a good New Year?

This last month has been full of educational fun! 

Students in 6th Grade have been learning about different types of energy and its uses. We've explored renewable and non-renewable energy sources, types of power stations and we've looked at how energy can be transferred and stored. 

In small groups they worked together to complete the Energy Grid Quiz, which was a great way to learn the new topic vocabulary. Everybody had a lot of fun! Energy is something that we use everyday; at home, at school or even if we're playing with our friends. We need energy for almost everything and now 6th Grade can tell you all about it!

In 3rd Grade we've been learning about plants. They are all such budding young learners! We all made a plant flip book which helps us to remember the different parts of a flower. They looked absolutely fantastic! We also learnt some actions to help us understand how a seed grows into a flower. Do you remember them? 

Do you know how many times the Earth travels around the Sun in a year? Students in 5th Grade can tell you as they are currently learning about our big blue planet! Space is such a fascinating and important subject. We've been learning about The Earth, The Moon and The Sun. Together we produced some excellent revision posters which includes all the key vocabulary and phrases from the unit. We also learnt a funny planetary mnemonic to help us remember the order of the planets. 
"My Very Energetic Mum Just Swam Under North Pole."
(Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune)
Can you think of another one?

See you soon!

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What a great oral exposition our kids did about the Earth with the famous Flipbook!. Good final result for a wonderful unit. Happy Kids, happy teachers.