martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014


Christmas is fast approaching and only around the corner but students at San Miguel are still learning and working hard! This week in Science, 6th Grade have started the topic of reproduction. Now, at times this can be quite an embarrassing topic for us all to learn, but 6th grade have shown a really mature attitude and have been enjoying the various activities that we have done in class together. Lots of giggles as well as lots of learning!

Each student made a vocabulary flipbook. This is an excellent way to learn and practice new vocabulary in English. It's also a great way to revise! If you forget the word in English, you even have the Spanish reference inside too! Take a look, what do you think of our flipbooks?

Next week the students will take part in a Science Quiz to see how much they have learnt about this unit! Who do you think will win the quiz? The boys? Or will it be the girls? We shall have to wait and see!

How many points will each team win?

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Thank you very much for the Quiz. 6th C class enjoyed a lot playing with it. They had the opportunity to play and to review what the had learnt.
It is the perfect task to have fun and to remember what we did in class in this unit.