martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

1 month already!

Thursday will mark my first month of teaching at San Miguel School. The time has flown by! I've gotten to know both the students and teachers very well and each grade is an absolute pleasure to teach. Class 5°A recently did some group work and created excellent posters on Unit 1 for revision. They used various colours and materials to make their revision more interesting and fun to read!

Revision posters with 5th Grade!
With 1st grade we reviewed everything they have learnt about the 5 senses. They are now experts! They too made some colourful 3D posters about the different kinds of materials we can feel. In class we did a fun activity where the students had to guess the smell, they really enjoyed themselves and managed to name all the different scents correctly! 

Finally this month ended with Halloween! It was a great day, full of various activities as well as traditional Halloween activities, such as apple-bobbing, which provided an opportunity to learn new English vocabulary in a fun way. The 'What can you feel?' boxes enabled students to practice their descriptions! The costumes looked fantastic and the activities were thoroughly enjoyed by both the staff and students.
Apple bobbing, a traditional Halloween activity.
Can you catch those apples only using your mouth?!
Brilliantly scary costumes in 1st Grade.

What can you feel inside the box?
 Is it soft, hard, rough?
Is it Spaghetti? 

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