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Si ya estáis inscritos en eTwinning y tenéis acceso a la plataforma, podéis formar parte de los encuentros didácticos que se van a llevar a cabo durante este 2º trimestre. Es importante que accedas a tu escritorio y te registres en el evento para formar parte de dicho encuentro online sobre los temas de interés. Un experto en el tema los dirige e incluyen trabajos y debates prácticos entre los profesores de toda Europa. A continuación está la lista de los encuentros de este trimestre.

Web 2.0 tools in eTwinning

Fecha: 30.01.2013 a 12.02.2013

Expert: Robert Conings
Language: English
Applications open 23 January

In this interactive Learning Event (LE) participants will get assignments about 10 Web2.0-tools. The selected tools are suitable for your projects and are easy-to-use. The LE aims at Web2.0-newbees but everyone who is willing to participate in an active way is welcome. At the end of the LE we will have a videoconference and evaluation.


iPads- using Bloom's Taxonomy

Fecha: 13.02.2013 a 26.02.2013

Expert Daniela Bunea Aghir
Language: English
Applications open 6 February

Using the iPad in the classroom and in eTwinning projects while engaging pupils in remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating can forge the ultimate learning experience for them. Join this event to learn how different apps work with Bloom's taxonomy.

The pedagogical Value of eTwinning Projects

Fecha: 28.02.2013 a 09.03.2013

Expert: Bart Verswijvel & Arjana Blazic
Language: English
Applications open 21 February

In this learning event we want to look at eTwinning projects as a framework that gives pupils the opportunity to build 21st Century skills. In the learning event the participants will learn about the key pillars of 21st learning and find ways to integrate them in eTwinning projects. eTwinning projects will be unfolded and considered as a rich way of learning.

Teachers & pupils in the eTwinning classroom

Fecha: 18.03.2013 a 28.03.2013

Expert: Elizabeth Mora Torres & Albert Grass Marti
Language English
Applications open 11 March

The behavior in class of pupils and teachers is punctuated by culture and by current societal priorities. These two factors also influence motivation, attitudes towards learning, the way contents are imparted and studied, and even how the tests are developed and administered. In this Learning event we will examine the participants' experiences in the topics mentioned above, including equity issues in the classroom. We shall discuss the ways teachers try to reach and offer challenges to the diversity of pupils in the classroom, particularly in an eTwinning context.

Creative Drama in eTwinning

Fecha: 17.04.2013 a 26.04.2013

Expert: Irene Pateraki
Language: English
Applications open 10 April

Have you ever organized creative drama activities in your eTwinning projects? If yes, did you manage to organize collaborative drama activities? During this event you will have the opportunity to explore the world of creative drama and
practice on hands- on collaborative activities! The event will be facilitated by Irene and members of the Creative Classroom Group.

Si aún no te has registrado en eTwinning, puedes hacerlo en:

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Yolanda Egea

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